Here's What Dessert Looks Like In Every Country Around The World

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Would you eat THIS for dessert?

All around the world, each country has its own unique perspective on cooking. Originally, people just ate what was in their surroundings: the fruits, vegetables, meats, seeds, nuts, spices, grains, and herbs from the area in which they lived. And they ate for survival, without much attention to how things tasted. However, throughout the ages of navigation, industrialization, and culinary invention -- we now get to experience different countries' cuisines as our own. Sweet! Especially if we're talking dessert, right?

Dessert is the best part of every meal. These sweeter dishes are meant to be enjoyed at the end of a savory meal, or as a snack. Some people don't like their desserts very sweet, but other people love the decadence that a little (or a lot) of extra sugar can bring. Do you like Italy's cannolis? Or perhaps you want to enjoy a little spotted dick or treacle from England. How about churros in Mexico? Or something like grass jelly in China? Maybe a fruit-heavy dish, like they'd have in Caribbean countries. Have you ever had a Nanaimo bar? Those hail from British Columbia in Canada! Desserts are often the best part of any country's cuisine -- and these dishes prove it.

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