31 Terrifying Photos From Australia, Land Of Eternal Nightmares

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You might think where you're from is a scary place with scary wildlife. Unless you are from Australia, you are wrong. So very, terrifyingly wrong.

Australia is a land of unmitigated nightmares. It's not JUST that things are big and scary and poisonous and murderous. Everything in that country (including the sheep, I have no choice but to assume) is all of those things, of course, but Australian wildlife also has the quality that much of it looks like an amalgamation of night terrors no waking brain could come up with. You'd be forgiven for thinking many of these creatures were entirely extraterrestrial in nature -- and who knows, some of these blasted things might well be from another planet. One thing is absolutely for sure: I am never going to Australia. Never ever ever ever ever. You could not pay me to set foot on that hellscape. No thank you. I'd prefer to wind up biting it in a traffic accident or something rather than wind up as a meal for some blighted carnivorous moth.

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