Here's What Breakfast Looks Like In Every Country Around The World

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The word "breakfast" comes from the phrase "breaking your fast" and refers to the first meal of the day you have after the "fast" you take during the night while sleeping. Today, many people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Who doesn't love breakfast foods? You can have a nice warm drink (preferably caffeinated) along with... cereal? Now, as an American company, those of us at Topix love cereal as much as anyone else around here, but hey, let's think outside the box here. In fact, let's think outside the borders altogether!

All around the world, breakfast options can be a lot different than what we are used to here in the good ol' United States. Can you imagine eating soup for breakfast, for instance? They do that in Asian countries sometimes! In Central and South America, breakfasts can revolve around the plentiful fruit that grows there. European breakfasts might be more familiar to us, but you might be surprised at the variety within its borders. Some countries prefer coffee in the mornings, and some countries prefer tea. Some countries eat huge meals, and others eat something light, preferring to have their big meal later in the day. Either way, join us for a look at the best international breakfasts! Get Started