19 Of The Rarest Foods On The Planet

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Can't find THESE at Kroger's.

19 unbelievably rare -- and bizarre -- foods from all around the globe. Humans have always had a taste for the most exotic foods they could find -- we love our comfort foods, but just as much, we love to push culinary frontiers and eat things just because we want to see if we can. After all, how else can you explain the fact that we eat shellfish? Who looked at a lobster for the first time and went "you know, I bet that'd be delicious?" Come on -- you know this is true -- some of the unusual things we eat make no sense that we would've even tried them in the first place. But how many of these rare foods do you know? Do you know the Densuke watermelon, one of the priciest fruits in the world that comes only from Japan? How about su filindeu, the rarest and most delicate pasta in the world you can only eat twice a year? You've probably heard of white and black truffles, but do you know the real scoop on them? Or which things you think you've eaten, though you've almost certainly never had the real deal (hint: they're all from Japan)?

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