29 Weirdest Traditions From Around The World

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Well that's interesting.

We think it's safe to say, in whatever culture you were raised, you think your customs and traditions are pretty normal. When you grow up with them, it seems like it's the only way things can (and should) be done.

Around the world, people of different cultures are practicing some pretty bizarre traditions we've never seen. Sometimes, the rituals are used to celebrate a birth, marriage, holiday or rite of passage. Other times, they are use to ward off evil spirits or memorialize the deceased. Whatever the occasion, the one thing all of these international traditions have in common is that they are totally strange to outsiders!

Some countries make the bride and groom clean up smashed dishes so they will know the value of hard work before entering into marriage. Some bury sardines during Advent. Some folks file their teeth! And some do very creepy things with the ashes of their kin.

Read on to learn about some of the most bizarre event traditions from Brazil to Madagascar. But don't get any ideas! We'll stick to our wedding registries and a fictional bunny for Easter, thank you very much. Get Started