27 Foreign Customs You Never Knew Existed

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We had no idea.

Part of the fun of traveling around the world is observing the local customs, understanding why they're practiced and marveling at how they differ from your own. For example, in some cultures it's rude to finish all the food on your plate. Who knew?

Here in the U.S., many things we consider rude would be considered just the opposite in other countries. Likewise, there are some rules of etiquette we hold dear that would be a major insult to people from around the globe. Did you ever think it might be impolite to put salt on your food? To tip a waiter? What about offering to split the bill with friends at a restaurant? It's hard to believe, but in some countries, these actions we consider benign can cause major offense.

It all depends on where you are. If you want to discuss business, never do it at the table in Bolivia. Think it's okay to talk to someone with your hands in your pockets? In Germany, you better think again!

Check out all the incredible customs we've rounded up from around the world. It will expand your horizons -- and hopefully keep you from insulting the locals on your next trip. Get Started