23 Baby Boomer Travel Trends That Need To Fly Far Away

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The baby boomers, generally, are the generation of people who were born in the years following WWII, approximately 1946-1964. They were teens and young adults in the 1970s and 1980s, and now they're all solidly in their 50s and up. The generations that followed them - Generation X, the Millennials, and now the post-Millennials (who are currently being called Generation Z until someone settles on a name for them) aren't too happy with the way the boomers think life is - after all, when they were young, college was cheap and jobs were plentiful. But that's not exactly the case for younger generations today.

But we're not here to start an intergenerational conflict. No, we're just here to point out that baby boomers have truly terrible taste in travel gear. And that's not just an opinion - that's a fact! Now that many baby boomers are retirement age, they're traveling more than ever. But some of these travel trends are so dumb, we can't believe they're actually doing them. First they ruin the economy, now this? Thanks a lot, baby boomers. Read on to see some of the weirdest, most unnecessary, and most extravagant travel accessories that only a baby boomer could love. Get Started