Quiz: Do You Know South America?

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Raise your South American knowledge.

93% of Americans don't know all these fun facts about South America. South America is one of the world's most interesting continents. Home to many different countries and cultures, it boasts beautiful natural formations, millennia of tradition, untouched indigenous people and amazing plants and wildlife.

Perhaps you've visited some South American countries; after all the continent is not too far away, situated below the eastern United States. Or maybe you remember hearing about some of its people and extraordinary national parks back in school.

Perhaps you're just curious and want to learn more about this fascinating continent? We can't blame you!

What is the largest South American country? The highest uninterrupted waterfall? The name of the indigenous people who ruled in the 15th century? The totally wild and unbelievable fact about one of its biggest deserts?

Take our quiz to test your knowledge about this incredible continent! Let’s Play
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