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Every state has its own strange rules.

93% of Americans don't know these state facts. With 50 US states, it's no surprise that each state has unique, fun things about it. But what about the things that are not just unique, but REALLY unique -- as in, they're not true of any other US state. How many of these things do you know? Which is the only state to have a state spider? If you're an adult, which is the only state that doesn't require you to wear a seatbelt? Which is the only state to have a higher population density than Puerto Rico? Which is the only state that has "parishes" instead of counties, part of the state's European legacy? As of 2013, which outdoors-y state is the only one to have an obesity rate of less than 20%? Which is the only state to give its residents thousands of dollar every year, no strings attached? Which is the only state to border the Canadian province of New Brunswick? Think you can answer all these questions -- and more? You probably won't do as well as you think you will -- people are rarely as smart as they believe themselves to be when it comes to these things. Think you can prove us wrong? Take our quiz and find out! Let’s Play
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