Quiz: How Much German Do You Really Know?

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Can you pass german 101? Achtung! Germany has a rich history, even if the country as the political entity as we understand it now has only really existed since the late 19th century. It's not as if German culture only came into existence at the time of Otto von Bismarck's German unification, though; prior to it, there were numerous German nations like Prussia and Bavaria, which all traced their common ancestry back to the Holy Roman Empire (which, ironically, was neither holy, nor Roman, nor very much of an Empire). But what about the language itself? It's certainly a complex beast, and is unique among major worldwide languages is that you could theoretically have a single infinite-length word if you were willing to continuously add adjectives to it. Interestingly, considering it's the closest linguistic cousin to English (to be fair, these are some pretty distant cousins), very few Americans study German in school, but if you do study it, you're probably awesome at languages! So are you one of those super-rare people who actually knows how to say stuff in German? You probably can't do as well as you think you will; most people aren't nearly as smart as they think they are when it comes to this stuff. Think you can prove us wrong? Take our quiz and find out for sure! Let’s Play
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