Quiz: Can You Identify These Languages On Sight?

Let’s Play 

No one gets all of these right! See how close you get.

Most adults can't guess these foreign languages. Americans really don't like having to learn other languages. Here in the good old US of A, we like to think English is the only language worth knowing, and we do everything in it, from filling out DMV forms to filing our taxes (if you can even call the tax code English). But there are a whole lot of other languages out there. Doubtless you've heard of plenty of them: French, Spanish, Italian, Russian. But which of them features the phrase "l'amore vince sempre?" How about "a fule may gie a wise man counsel?" What about "a vaincre sans peril, on triomphe sans gloire?" Those are all real languages, so do you know which ones they are? How about languages that don't use the English alphabet -- can you identify them from sight alone? Don't worry, we're not going to ask you to be able to read Chinese or Cyrillic; we're not that cruel. So can you identify these foreign languages based on how they look written down? Even if you only get half of these languages right, that puts you way ahead of most Americans. You probably won't even do that well, though; most people don't. Think you can prove us wrong? Take the quiz and find out for yourself! Let’s Play
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