Quiz: How Much Spanish Do You Really Know?

Let’s Play 

Think you know Spanish? Find out if you really do.

Can you pass Spanish 101? Vive Espanol! Most Americans study Spanish in school, but then promptly forget every word as adults. Don't believe us? What does "Los Angeles" mean? How about "San Francisco?" Maybe "mas o menos?" What about if you tell someone "tengo un pregunta?" You probably didn't know most of those, although you might know how to say you've got a cat in your pants or some other weird collection of words no actual Spanish speaker would ever say in regular conversation. At best, you might known enough pidgin Spanish to communicate with people if you put in a lot of effort (and use hand signals), but you're probably not that savvy when it comes to the language. But what if you're the exception rather than the rule? Are you one of those super-rare people who actually knows how to say stuff en Espanol? Can you tell us what Spanish words aside from "biblioteque" mean (GOD, NOT EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN A LIBRARY, CARL, LEARN SOME NEW STUFF)? You probably can't; most Americans aren't nearly as smart as they think they are, especially when it comes to foreign languages. But how about you try to prove us wrong? Take our quiz and see if you're way smarter than we think you are. Let’s Play
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