Quiz: Can You Guess The Country From Its Outline?

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Would you pass geography 101?

Only 1 in 100 Americans can guess all the countries from their outlines. can you? There are a ton of countries in the world -- at last count, there were a hundred and ninety five, though more get added from time to time, so that number always seems to be increasing. And every country has their own unique shape -- humans aren't organized enough to make every nation's borders be a big square. Good thing, too -- people would definitely have trouble remembering which countries are which if they were all shaped exactly the same. But how many countries do you know from their outlines? Do you know which European country looks like a boot? How about which East Asian nation looks kind of like a banana? Or which South American country looks like a super-long walking stick? Or which is the only island which is also a continent? So how well do you know countries from their outlines? Can you tell Italy from Australia, or do you think they both look kind of like a fallen-over penguin? You probably won't do as well as you think you will -- people are rarely as smart as they believe themselves to be when it comes to these sorts of things. Think you can prove us wrong? Take our quiz and find out! Let’s Play
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