Quiz: Can You Name All Of These British Desserts?

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Is that treacle or spotted dick?

93% of Americans can't name these famous British desserts. While the French get all the glory for good food and desserts, British desserts are actually just as amazing -- if not more! These British desserts are some of the best in the world. Colonizing a ton of foreign countries is a very bad thing, but it gave the British people access to fruits, spices, and flavors from all over the world that have become a mainstay in English cuisine. However, some things are still inherently British at heart, like syllabub or treacle. Either way, they're totally delicious.

If you're British, or even just an anglophile, you should be able to name all of these British desserts just by looking at pictures of them. It should be so easy! These British desserts are either commonly eaten or eaten around holidays such as Christmas. Can you really have a British birthday party without a Colin the Caterpillar cake? These delicious English flavors will make you hungry as heck! I'm drooling just by taking this quiz, are you? Luckily, these British desserts are very recognizable... RIGHT? Okay, let us see you prove it to us by taking our English sweets quiz. Let's see how well you truly know these famous British desserts! Let’s Play
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